Graham Dickinson R.I.P.
Graham Dickinson R.I.P.

In memory of Graham Dickinson

World Wingsuit League athlete, Graham Dickinson died on January 25th, 2017 following an accident near Tianmen Mountain in Zhangjiajie.

Graham Dickinson left his mark in the extreme sports, and 2016 he won the bronze medal in WWL China Grand Prix. Graham will be missed by those of us left to live and be inspired by a guy who did his thing and touched that void.

Rest in Peace Graham Dickinson. WWL athlete, BASE jumper, wing-suit flier, extreme Canadian and man who lived and died on the edge.

The memorial video for Graham Dickinson was produced by DigiScoop to World Wingsuit League.

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2016 WWL China Grand Prix
2016 WWL China Grand Prix

WWL China Grand Prix 2016

2016 World Wingsuit League (WWL) China Grand Prix was held October 13-16 in Zhangjiajie, China.

The 5th WWL China Grand Prix finished with sunny skies and perfect jumps. After a week of bad weather, the clouds finally moved away and the Tianmen Mountain showed its beauty and charm. We were not able to complete Slalom challenge earlier last week and we had to adapt and modify our racing format within the timeframe we had.

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Watch the Race High Lights

We want to congratulate Vincent Descols "Le Blond" for becoming our new champion. Vincent won both target hitting and speed challenge.

Race Rusults

1. Vincent Descols 32.848
2. Carson Klein 32.926
3. Graham Dickinson 32.932
4. Rex Pemberton 33.038
5. Jarno Cordia 34.259
6. Jesse Hall 34.594
7. Rob Heron 34.910
8. Shupeng Zhang 35.376
9. Carlos Pedro Briceño 35.394
10. Marshall Miller 35.532
11. Scotty Bob 35.941
12. Gabriel Lott 37.297
13. Ellen Brennan 38.420
14. Jokke Sommer 38.635
15. Tom Erik Heimen 34.581 (DG due to too short canopy ride)
16. Yuri Cordeiro No Contest (He had to fly out early and was not able to complete the tournament)

Hitting the target

Hitting the target is not easy. Watch this video and you will know why!


The WWL 2016 event videos were produced by DigiScoop to World Wingsuit League. Sami Wilenius was the leading camera operator in the project and all videos were directed and edited by Pertti Kaijasilta.

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WWL China Grand Prix 2016 Athletes
WWL China Grand Prix 2016 Athletes

World Fastest Athletes 2016

Each year 16 of the world best wingsuit athletes is taking apart to WWL China Grand Prix. DigiScoop has been responsible to produce introduction trailers for each pilot. Again this year, we have had awesome footage to pull out these sixteen action-packed videos for WWL fans!
Jokke Sommer
Graham Dickinson
Scotty Bob
Gabriel Lott
Jarno Cordia
Jesse Hall
Marshall Miller
Rex Pemberton
Shupeng Zhang
Tom Erik Heimen
Ellen Brennan
Freefly Rob Heron
Yuri Cordeiro
Carlos Bricéno
Vincent Descols

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WWL - For the Athletes By the Athletes

The WWL was founded by two friends: retired professional BASE jumper Iiro Seppanen and Chinese businessman Frank Yang, co-owners of Pan Pacific
Entertainment, a Hollywood-based film investment, production and event services company with offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Beijing.

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Fiare Ad's
Fiare Ad's

The Power of Storytelling
Country Life International

Digiscoop designed and produced these four client reference stories for Fiare UK Ltd. Fiare is the leading developer of digital marketplaces and reference stories are perfect sales tools to boost the quality image of the company.

If you interested in Fiare and their awesome marketplace platform, please visit their site!


Fiare enables media companies to unlock the value of their content and audience by providing the sophisticated FiareAds platform - a whitelabel solution for running online marketplaces and eCommerce sites.

FiareAds provides an online classifieds and shopping platform that can be set up and deployed rapidly. The FiareAds whitelabel solution combines comprehensive functionality with ease of use and a fully responsive design that ensures the best user experience in all channels. FiareAds also represents a cost-effective and efficient approach for site renewals using proven technology.

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Product Presentation at Sea

DigiScoop designed and produced this product presentation video for YachtsAgent. The video has been shared on Facebook, Youtube, and many other sailing associated sites. By choosing the viral abroach YachtAgent could reach their whole target group with an appealing message and reasonable marketing costs.

If you want to know more about YachtsAgent services, please visit their site.

The spinnaker with a wing for safe and easy downwind sailing.

The Parasailor is designed especially for cruising couples and short-handed crews, are easy to handle and well tempered. These sails make it possible to use one sail as spinnaker and gennaker while providing improved performance. It can be used between 70 and 180 degrees to the wind. Relieving the pressure on the bow and the stabilizing effect of the Parasailor and Parasail improve the effect of the rudder and decrease the rudderthrows needed.

The Parasailor has a double-layer wing which inflates as the wind fills the sail. This acts as a soft batten, holding the sail out and actively re-opening the collapsed leech. The wing generates lift that raises the bow of the boat, and also ensures that there is no loss of propulsion. Thanks to this lift, any yawing by the boat is prevented, making a much more comfortable ride. Even if the Parasailor has collapsed after a sudden strong wind shift, the spreading movement of the wing supports the re-opening once the wind has shifted back again.

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