MLP -valmentajapäivä
MLP -valmentajapäivä

MLP helps build top-performing teams

MLP's annual Coach Day was held for all certified Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors coaches. The theme for 2019 event was constructive conflict. The release of the new Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile gathered a lot of interest.

DigiScoop has a continuous partnership with MLP to produce digital content and services for MLP. We are very motivated to create exciting client case videos and designing the new web page.

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MLP Coaching Day 2019-08-16

The theme of Coaching Day was the Constructive Conflict theme, which attracted a great deal of interest, and the attendance at this year's event was a record number, with a total of 130 staff developers. Coach Day is held annually and is aimed at all Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors certified coaches.

During Coaching Day, a new conflict profile was released. Everything DiSC Constructive Conflict is a unique human resource development tool that illustrates how a person performs in a conflict situation and practices that make the conflict constructive.

Above all, a conflict profile is a team tool that takes teamwork to the next level.

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Three Lives

Iiro Seppänen's autobiography is a true story of a man who has had at least three lives so far: a career in magic in Finland, an adventurous base jumper around the world, and years of working in Hollywood.

DigiScoop has been proud to produce dozens of videos together with Iiiro about his adventures around the world.

If you want to know more about Iiro, please visit his Facebook site.

Video introduction for the book - Three Lives

This video was produced to introduce Iiro's new book to the local distribution chain. By watching this short film and listening to Iiro's thoughts about the coming release, we tried to catch the book retailers and inform them about this fascinating content.

This book was published by Siltala Publishing. You should also visit their site, and you can order Iiro's Three Life following this link.

Iiro's exciting life has been packed with thrilling adventures, and now he shares his story in the form of a book. We hope it will be the next Finnish bestseller!!

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Human Arrow
Human Arrow

1st live broadcast from the skies

World Wingsuit League presented Human Arrow on May 28th, 2016.
American wingsuit pilot Jeb Corliss hit an apple-sized target suspended over the Great Wall of China, flying at 120 miles per hour.

DigiScoop had the pleasure again capture these unique moments. Our cinematographer Sami Wilenius managed to capture the thrill and excitement with the help of James Bull, the best flying camera operator in the world. The videos were directed and edited by Pertti Kaijasilta. Pertti has also designed the Human Arrow -logo.

If you want to know more about World Wingsuit League events, please visit their Facebook-site.

Event High Lights

The human archery

Jeb's thoughts after landing: I feel great. This is a project about 10 years in the making, it is something I have been dreaming about for a long time.
It's amazing to do something over a historic monument like this. And to be able to do something that involves so much precision, you know, to strike an apple size target with something the size of a GoPro, it's really challenging, especially when you are jumping from over a mile away, and with the wind conditions that we had, it was super hard.

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Tikkurila Factory Mural
Tikkurila Factory Mural

Team Work by Tikkurila

In September 2015, Tikkurila's Vantaa staff took part as a part of their sporting and cultural day in a magnificent and vibrant art work on the wall of a building. Watch the video of mural painting and the Tikkurila work.

Street Art Vantaa hosted a participatory mural project with Tikkurila Group paint factory's employees.

DigiScoop did capture the joy and energy of Tikkurila team and produced this event video.

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HAS Aquarium exhibition
HAS Aquarium exhibition

Helsinki Aquarium Exhibition

At 2015 the Helsinki Aquarium Association arranged an awesome aquarium exhibition. Lemmikkimedia was documenting the feelings and tanks with the help of DigiScoop.

DigiScoop cinematographer Sami Wilenius is the main camera operator for Lemmikkimedia and all videos are directed and edited by Pertti Kaijasilta.

A Lemmikkimedia production

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