MLP -valmentajapäivä

MLP Modular Learning Processes Oy

MLP’s annual Coach Day was held for all certified Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors coaches. The theme for 2019 event was constructive conflict. The release of the new Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile gathered a lot of interest.

DigiScoop has a continuous partnership with MLP to produce digital content and services for MLP. We are very motivated to create exciting client case videos and designing the new web page.

Video production about Finnish entrepreneurship

An E-invoicing video production from DigiScoop

A story about Finnish entrepreneurship. APIX Messaging Ltd offers a unique e-invoicing solution and markets it together with their partners to the end-customers. The purpose of this video is to boost the awareness of Apix solution most importantly thru viral channels. Apix makes it quick, easy and affordable to implement e-invoicing and begin receiving e-invoices. […]