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Jare “Cheek” Tiihonen is retiring from his career as a recording artist, leaving behind his career as Finland’s best-known rapper.

DigiScoop cinematographer Sami Wilenius was shooting this special interview for Seiska Magazine as well as three other videos with Cheek.

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Cheek: “I have given everything I’ve got!”

Cheek’s career will end 25th of August 2018 in Lahti, where his artistic career also started. In this interview, he opens up about his feelings before last show.

Cheek has released nine studio albums, three of which have surpassed goldware, two platinum lines, and three multiplatforms. Four of the albums have been one of the top official albums in Finland. Fourteen songs from Cheek have reached the top of the list on either the official singles or download lists in Finland (“Sun must,” “Liekeissä”, “If I’m fucked”, “Jippikayjei”, “Syypää sun smile”, “Phone wanks sang,” “Give me “,” Jossu “,” Diamonds Forever, “” Extras “,” Shouts, “” Bridges, “” We Are Part 2, “and” All Good Everything “). Cheek has reached the top ten of these lists with 35 songs. His videos have been watched over at Youtou over 109 million times.

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