MLP -valmentajapäivä

MLP -valmentajapäivä

MLP helps build top-performing teams

MLP's annual Coach Day was held for all certified Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors coaches. The theme for 2019 event was constructive conflict. The release of the new Everything DiSC Productive Conflict Profile gathered a lot of interest.

DigiScoop has a continuous partnership with MLP to produce digital content and services for MLP. We are very motivated to create exciting client case videos and designing the new web page.

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MLP Coaching Day 2019-08-16

The theme of Coaching Day was the Constructive Conflict theme, which attracted a great deal of interest, and the attendance at this year's event was a record number, with a total of 130 staff developers. Coach Day is held annually and is aimed at all Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors certified coaches.

During Coaching Day, a new conflict profile was released. Everything DiSC Constructive Conflict is a unique human resource development tool that illustrates how a person performs in a conflict situation and practices that make the conflict constructive.

Above all, a conflict profile is a team tool that takes teamwork to the next level.

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