Video production about Finnish entrepreneurship
Video production about Finnish entrepreneurship

A story about Finnish entrepreneurship.

APIX Messaging Ltd offers a unique e-invoicing solution and markets it together with their partners to the end-customers. The purpose of this video is to boost the awareness of Apix solution most importantly thru viral channels.

Apix makes it quick, easy and affordable to implement e-invoicing and begin receiving e-invoices. Besides that, Apix also digitizes all of the business documentation related to the supply chains, such as orders, confirmations, and invoices.

If you want more information about e-invoicing, you should visit Apix Messaging:

Testimonial video production is a great viral marketing tool

This touching story tells about Finnish entrepreneurship and it describes how the Apix billing solution has brought Rauhamäki's family more time to be together. The video production is produced in cooperation with APIX partner Suonentieto.

Visit also Apix YouTube channel for more awesome videos about e-invoicing: APIX YouTube

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Fiare Ad's
Fiare Ad's

The Power of Storytelling
Country Life International

Digiscoop designed and produced these four client reference stories for Fiare UK Ltd. Fiare is the leading developer of digital marketplaces and reference stories are perfect sales tools to boost the quality image of the company.

If you interested in Fiare and their awesome marketplace platform, please visit their site!


Fiare enables media companies to unlock the value of their content and audience by providing the sophisticated FiareAds platform - a whitelabel solution for running online marketplaces and eCommerce sites.

FiareAds provides an online classifieds and shopping platform that can be set up and deployed rapidly. The FiareAds whitelabel solution combines comprehensive functionality with ease of use and a fully responsive design that ensures the best user experience in all channels. FiareAds also represents a cost-effective and efficient approach for site renewals using proven technology.

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