Lagoon Charter
Lagoon Charter

Try Lagoon Charter!

Lagoon Charter has two luxury yachts to offer for season 2018. Both vessels will start the season already in April. Lagoon Charter fleet is most exclusive in Finland!

DigiScoop produuced this short video to present Lagoon Services. Enjoy!

Read more about Lagoon Charter Services on their website.

Always Fair Winds!

Lagoon's experienced crews ensure a successful and memorable sailing experience in all situations. Bring your customers, stakeholders, or staff to enjoy a unique sailing package. Let our staff plan together for you the best day of the summer at sea!

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Apix interactive video

Interactive Salesman


Interactive videos are extremely powerful sales tools. They offer an intuitive approach for visitors to dig in deeper into information based on their personal interest. DigiScoop designed and produced this interactive video for Apix to enable engaging customer journey and good sales results.

APIX Messaging Ltd offers a unique e-invoicing solution and markets it together with their partners to the end-customers. The purpose of this video is to boost the awareness of Apix solution most importantly thru viral channels.

Apix makes it quick, easy and affordable to implement e-invoicing and begin receiving e-invoices. Besides that, Apix also digitizes all of the business documentation related to the supply chains, such as orders, confirmations, and invoices.

If you want more information about e-invoicing, you should visit Apix Messaging:

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Product Presentation at Sea

DigiScoop designed and produced this product presentation video for YachtsAgent. The video has been shared on Facebook, Youtube, and many other sailing associated sites. By choosing the viral abroach YachtAgent could reach their whole target group with an appealing message and reasonable marketing costs.

If you want to know more about YachtsAgent services, please visit their site.

The spinnaker with a wing for safe and easy downwind sailing.

The Parasailor is designed especially for cruising couples and short-handed crews, are easy to handle and well tempered. These sails make it possible to use one sail as spinnaker and gennaker while providing improved performance. It can be used between 70 and 180 degrees to the wind. Relieving the pressure on the bow and the stabilizing effect of the Parasailor and Parasail improve the effect of the rudder and decrease the rudderthrows needed.

The Parasailor has a double-layer wing which inflates as the wind fills the sail. This acts as a soft batten, holding the sail out and actively re-opening the collapsed leech. The wing generates lift that raises the bow of the boat, and also ensures that there is no loss of propulsion. Thanks to this lift, any yawing by the boat is prevented, making a much more comfortable ride. Even if the Parasailor has collapsed after a sudden strong wind shift, the spreading movement of the wing supports the re-opening once the wind has shifted back again.

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